Nat Reeves


Hello, I’m a contemporary abstract painter and a recording artist/producer and I live in Brighton. 

I’ve always had a strong interest in creating works with my hands. From building cardboard robots and remote controlled aeroplanes as a kid, to wire sculptures of birds and bicycles as I grew taller; this urge to build things has matured and manifested itself in my music and paintings. I like to think that my music and art influence and compliment each other.

My paintings are influenced by trips to St Ives in Cornwall, where the textures are raw and the colours of the sea and land are muted, yet full of character. Drawing inspiration from the effect of time on manmade structures helps me piece together the sections of painted boards that make up my compositions.

I am signed to an independent music label called DeepMatter and I stand among a talented roster of soul singers, beat-makers and jazz instrumentalists. My music is influenced by the likes of Chet Baker, Antonio Carlos Jobim and Blake Mills and sits somewhere between the styles of jazz, soul, rnb and hiphop. Drawing inspiration from real-life events and human interactions, I try to keep my songwriting simple but full of emotion and stories.

I have released three EPs and I am currently working on my debut album, due to arrive at the end of 2019.